Minnetonka Mens Moosehide Weekender

Slip into these moccasins, start the fire, sit back and relax. 
Kick your feet up in these classic men’s moccasins. Handmade from thick and luxurious moosehide, these shoes simply layer on the comfort. A lightweight two-piece sole provides maximum flexibility, just in case you’re ready to head out and explore.

  • Thick moosehide leather
  • Padded insole
  • Two-piece rubber sole
  • Sizes 7-13 (no 12.5)
  • Extra Large (X) sizes 14, 15, 16


758, 752


We recommend a delicate leather cream to clean and preserve your moosehide's texture. Got tough stains? Gently spot treat stains on your moosehide leather by using water and a dab of gentle soap, like baby shampoo. Rub gently with a damp cloth in a circular motion.

Let your moosehide air dry and stick white tissue paper inside your shoes to make sure they maintain their form while they dry. If the stain is greasy, skip the water and try a little baby powder to draw the grease out.

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