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Shop a "Real" Wisconsin Cheese and gift Shop -  On-Line!

 Imagine yourself traveling the roads of North Eastern Wisconsin. Viewing the picturesque barns, country farm homes and sun drenched fields of sweet corn. As you travel north you start to see the growth of virgin pines and the waters of Lake Michigan and Green Bay. It's a Beautiful day in America's Dairyland. It's a great day to visit Seguin's House of Cheese. 

Shop our "on-line" Cheese Counter featuring "Wisconsin" Extra Sharp Cheddar CheeseNot the the Cheddar you'll find in your local super market aged about 6 to 8 months. But mouth watering Wisconsin Extra Sharp Cheddars aged 4 to 11 full years. A cheddar Soooooooo! sharp it dances on your tongue.  With just a click you can Order from nine different types of  Wisconsin Cheese Spreads or everyone's favorite  Fresh Wisconsin Cheese Curds. Seguin's Specialize in creating, packing and shipping Wisconsin Cheese gifts. Choose your favorite on-line gift and the House of Cheese will ship your selection any where in the United States.

Seguin's House of Cheese and Gifts also features Hot Mustards and Horseradish,  as well as Kitchen Fresh Jams and preserves and popular snack items from Wisconsin and the Upper Michigan peninsula.

Continue your on-line shopping by visiting our  "Neat Stuff Section"  featuring, you guessed it, unique items you won't find in most stores or on the net.


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